Review - Azure DevOps Server 2019 Cookbook

More than ten years ago I was at the beginning of my career, and I bought a book - “Team Foundation Server 2008 in action”. That book was a cornerstone in cementing my future as an ALM and then DevOps expert, and it was massively different compared to the vast majority of other books available at that time because of its setting: a series of targeted examples, easy to implement and with reachable value. I loved that book, and I never gave it away - I still rock it in my personal library together with many others.

Fast forward a good twelve years later, you can imagine that when my colleagues Tarun Arora and Utkarsh Shigihalli told me they wrote a new edition of their Cookbook on Team Foundation Azure DevOps Server me buying it was simply a natural consequence. As you can see from the post history, it’s been a while since I blogged a review - for good reason. I did not stop reading, I simply did not find an extremely good book to talk about, and I did not want to have another outlet for moaning about things :-)


This one is different. I feel long gone are the days of both extremely detailed, deep dive books and shallow, introductive texts. The former have been replaced by on-demand trainings, the latter by videos and blogposts. These days you don’t find a middle ground that often. This book is that middle ground.

With this book you will have a number of recipes you will be able to implement in a very simple and straightforward way, with immediate impact across teams and organisations. Do you want to do stuff with Git hooks? Chapter 2. Integrate SpecFlow in your pipelines? Chapter 5.

Easy, and handy. I loved it.